A Journey Together - New Music from The Violet Burning

For as long as I can remember, so much of my life, my faith, and my being has been connected to music. Connected to songs. To the power of words and melody tied together connecting me to something far greater and much bigger than this world. Something unseen. Something sacred. Something that I can't touch with my fingertips, and yet this sound is able to touch a place deep within me that nothing else can touch. It transcends. It transports. It restores, it is a healer, a wind blowing into the masts of a great ship that had once been stuck at sea and now is moving full speed across the deep, across the oceans, across the crashing waves. moving on.... carrying us on… each of us, together

A couple years ago I began recording a series of songs, prayers, and instrumental meditations that express the beliefs I grew up with and still find to be true for my own life today, my own personal faith in the maker of heaven and earth.

This project of songs and prayers is in some ways similar to Strength in terms of psalms, and yet in it’s congregational and inclusive writing it’s also similar to Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Heart. These are all songs, prayers and instrumental meditations that have been part of my weekly services at the wonderful churches I’ve been blessed to be a part of both in California and on the East Coast in Boston.

I also began recording two other follow up albums to The Story of Our Lives with the wonderful rock band that I'm a part of, the violet burning. Yes, that makes a total of 3 new projects in the works! I was listening through demos the other night, and I could feel the fire catching and rising up within me. Honestly, I'm as excited as I’ve ever been about any of our previous albums.

We are humbled that you have been willing to walk this road with us.

There is no doubt that in all these years that you all have been far more than fans to us. Your friendships, your collaborations, your independent spirit has carried us this far together.

I am humbled when I think of how many of you have come to our shows, have taken us to coffee, have welcomed us into your homes for a meal or a concert or a night of rest. You have driven us to train stations, airports,  you have helped us carry our gear through rain and snow, our guitars, our bags. So many of you have told your friends, your families, your neighbors about this small independent band and the music that we make.  It’s been as much about you, as it’s been about us.

Together, with you, WE are a diverse and deeply passionate family of friends that is a spark of influence in this world. Together through recorded and live music we have found ways to somehow be a blessing, to be a healer, a comfort, a hope. Because we’ve all felt it. We’ve all been somehow touched by a sound, by a song, by a moment, a performance, a lyric, a kind word, even touched by forgiveness itself. Because We’ve lived it together through deepest darkness and through blinding light.  Together we have been on this journey. We have sailed this ship. With wind in our sails, sometimes stuck, and now moving on.

We hope you will continue to go forward with us. We invite you to check out the new projects and preorder them as you can. We are excited to bring you some very special music. All of the preorders help us with production costs on the new recordings and help to pay for studio time, mastering costs, manufacturing, artwork, videos, promotions, etc.

Yes for the first time we are offering vinyl. Once again, we hope to bring you something very special and unique.

As always, we are grateful for your support and prayers, and grateful that you have been partners with us, on this journey.

With love,




Thank you - and other thoughts on vinyl, cassette tapes, and xerox machine artwork - what was your first or Favorite Vinyl?

Pre Order - DIY Crowd Sourcing - Update - wow

Last week I sat down to write the announcement of our two new albums, and as I started to reflect on just how far we've come, I was pulled into the story of our small little independent band, and how so many of you have become a part of who we are, and what we do. It blows me away. And because of this community of fans and friends, I put this on the back part of the video, because it just seems so trivial compared to the weight and love that is shared between us all. I realize the marketing people are upset that I didn't focus on announcing the Pre Orders starting.... 

So let me say - it's official! We are moving forward with two brand new albums and the Pre Orders are what will allow us to fund these great new records.

Pre Order Here: 

Vinyl, Cassette Tapes, and Xerox Machine Artwork

when I was a kid i always wanted to record an "album", to have my own music come out on vinyl.

I can remember the first record I bought on 45 - The Clash | clash city rockers

I always hoped that when I grew up and made records that the band I was a part of would have some super cool vinyl release - and then in 1990 our first album came out and the label told us it would be on CD only - aaaggghhh - the disappointment.

Later into our early live career as the violet burning, we regularly made as many cassette tapes as we could to sell at shows, complete with our own DIY Xerox Machine Artwork. It was a way to get the music to the fans, and a way for the fans to help us with the costs of rehearsal space, studio time, mastering, flyers, postcards, websites and everything else associated with bringing great music to people. 

We've always been crowd sourcing from the back of our cars, in the back of a venue, pulling music out of our guitar bags at airports, and yes often times just giving it away because we know that music is sometimes worth more to our hearts and souls, than most anything else.

2016 Update

Now we are well in to our preOrder/Crowdfunding - Should we call it a "fire starter"? a "burn starter"? I don't really know, I'm never good with 'clever' names.... but one thing I do know, we have been overwhelmed by the incredible support we've received.

Realistically we hope to have 500 friends and fans back us on this new project and we are already at 60 contributors!

3 of you have already ordered cover songs

Dozens of you would like vinyl!

and.... I'm totally blown away! 

I just wanted to send a personal thank you to those of you who have supported already and those of you who've told us that you're planning to get on board with us, that you'll be jumping into this with us, those of you who've told me that you actually "get it".

So many of you friends and fans commented on our videos and we had nearly 50 shares and about 10,000 views on our Facebook artist page (

It's completely blowing my mind, you see, I always feel a little funny coming to you and asking you to get in on what we are doing, secretly perhaps its because, I wish I could record and manufacture a bunch of music and just give it all away to each of you and to everyone. Perhaps that's why so many of us would rather help, than ask for help.

Sure, I realize that's always been a part of what we do, to give away the music to those who love it and who don't have enough with them at a concert or those facing challenging times. Sure, I've made many festivals or venues a little upset through the years because they couldn't get a "percentage" of any of the music/CDs that we gave away to fans who had already spent all their money on beer, concessions or festival parking! And we promise to continue ruffling feathers here and there as best we can!

If you can get in and help us over the next weeks, please go to our webshop and check out the packages. We think we have some really cool ones for you.