Beneath a Blinding Light

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Shelter Me Beneath a Blinding Light

8 Live Video Performances
The Violet Burning at Colors of Ostrava Festival 2011
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the new vibe/live release from The Violet Burning

We've spent much of the last weeks going through recordings from our live shows in Europe this past July. We originally hoped to release 9 songs for those who donate $20 or more to help us with our trips in Europe and North America. Instead of making only 9 songs available, we have decided to release 30!
That's right 30 Different performances from different shows throughout our tour in Europa.

As you can hear from the samples above, It's quite interesting to hear these recordings that were made with simply one or two microphones placed somewhere in the room where we were performing. sometimes you can hear the band whispering to each other, and during these vibe performances there is so much happening that's spontaneous. We are very excited to release these versions to you who have supported us so faithfully. The performances include these violets classics:

Where it All Begins | Lights Out | Graves | br0thr | Gorgeous | Low | Halo | Made for You
Breakdown | Blind | In Ruin | The Light Poured Down on Me | Mon D├ęsir | Oceana | As I Am
Machine Beat Sabbatha | Goldmine | Imminent Collapse

The release is only available via download at this time. As you may know, we are trying to make more products available to help support our grassroots music releases and missions. Thank you for your support.